On Sun, Jan 30, 2011, Ophelia asked this question about evolution on an indigo children group.

She says, "So, I did some research about people like us. I've read that we are generations of people who try to remove old ways (of living, I guess) that will hold us back. Correct me if I'm wrong. If I make sense, can someone explain this to me, please? Thanks :)"

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Beloved Ophelia,
Research on (about people like us) what subject? I am unclear on this. However, it's not that we remove old ways, it's about evolution as a whole and individually. We grow up.

We all progress forwards, learning each new lesson, then evolving.  We are departing the second phase of evolution, where heaven was somewhere else, over there.  Now we enter the third phase of evolution, where heaven is inside of us, folded together and sharing the same space. As time goes forwards, we all move towards the center.  This motion is called time in space.

We are held back, if we don't complete our lesson.  By using love, one can turn the lesson into a treasure, and it gets harder and harder to learn the lessons as you move towards the center. However on a grander scale, heaven and earth's space is getting smaller and smaller. And it forces us to move closer together. Our extrasensory perceptions increase to allow us heavenly or soul abilities to deal with folding dark (heavenly) space.  Light and Dark are not pureness, until one blesses with water and fire, towards center (oyate,
the spiraling track).

Those who do not learn how to use extrasensory perceptions or trust them, will not know what to do. I get kids coming towards me all the time, saying, "I can't do that anymore". And I say to them, "When did you last practice".  They get it immediately, practice makes perfect. If you don't use your perceptions and deny them, then you are out of practice. This is often what small children know and perceive as heavenly (because they just came from there) and then they grow up and everyone and society denies it's real. However, in the second phase we depart, it only depended on light space or rainbow colors linear flow. Now as we move into the third phase of evolution, our  heavenly soul's perception, offers us tools to navigate in dark space, because it's coming and those who don't get prepared and made sacred, will not know how to act or behave. Many will simply go mad, as many children are already exhibiting.

We need true relatives who care, rather questions and answers. Our children depend on a new tomorrow, that the elders who are here now, will have sense to enter the dawning, with pure hearts.  AS for the rest of us, eventually, others will return, after there is an influx of new physical bodies. These will be divided into three heavenly areas, depending on your loving actions while upon earth.

You see/sea, love is an action and the law, on the red road.  We pray all learn how to become sacred. I recommend fire ceremonies to forgive and simply to cleanse space and bless water every time you see it. Our world depends on it. And it's evolution.

Welcome to the Dawning.

your devoted servant,
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On Sun, Jan 30, 2011, Ophelia writes back:
Thank you, you answered my question completely and clearly. :)