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All things come towards the sacred circle. We travel around and towards the center. This is how space collides with each other.  Like a atom is driven around an orbit, so too are we.  This natural force leans us towards the center.  But how, that is what you come to the HOOPs to learn. We will do this naturally, however we can accelerate the process, when we understand who and what we are and how we are interrelated to all things, we call the Oneness.

When one person bows, a half circle is gifted. When the other person bows back, the whole circle is known.  Here, where we stand, we are able to hear others.  This bow of the rainbow teaches us, that if we exchange with others (true love), then we are able to show respect, humility and wisdom for all life as we know it to be.  Seeking knowledge is a lifelong goal.  And the wiser you get, as age teaches us, the less we seem to know.  With so much knowledge in the universe, we must learn from all sources as we can.  The sacred bow of the elliptical orbit teaches us this simple truth.

Paths (sound and light waves) cross, intersect and now in our evolutionary period, collide. How to have spiritual fitness depends on your ability to bow.  Receive riches at the end of the Rainbow, golden awakening of brotherhood and abundance for all.  We just have to learn the humble bow, where the hoops of the universe cross, collide and realize!

Basics about Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

  2. Prayers and Blessings (purification of space, both light-fire and dark-water)
  3. Sharing the heart with stories
  4. Rainbow Colors in four directions (your four rainbow colors)
  5. Heavenly Name (soul's mission in life)
  6. Earthly Name (tools of light for the physical world)
  7. Warrior Recognition (no one is right or wrong, only allowing)
  8. Developing own Greatness, by understanding powers of your rainbow colors
  9. Warrior Training - How to stand up, by validation and recognition
10. Spirit Walks or Vision Quests
11. Learn how to understand characteristics of light space and dark space
12. Star Language in Song
13. Answers to the Mathematical Perfection (folding and evolution)
14. Answers to your Book of Life (all things are considered a book of life, including you)
15. Great Give-A-Way
  • teaches one to ultimately to receive (knock and the door shall open)
  • giving-a-way is freeing and makes one bring honor to self
  • brotherhood, the golden era of the dawning
16. Walking on the Red Road
17. Talking on the Blue Road
18. Moving to and fro between realms on the Yellow Road
19. Returning home on the White Road
20. Live your Dreams
21. Breath and Sound
22. Differences between circular sonic wave and linear light wave and how to move between
23. Unite cultural, religious and language differences
24. How and where to migrate, in times of prophecy and great peril (Great Fire Migration)
25. Children Education (Frienet or child is scientist and knower)
  • We are children of the Great Spirits. Learning applies to everybody (return of the child's dream)
  • Children are closer to heaven, trust this knowledge without denial
  • Remembering lost sensory perception skills
26. Community Unification (four colors of man)
27. Ask for prayers from Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
  • Sacred Song Blessings (White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings)
  • We Bless You (songs from the wind, just for asking)
  • Grandmothers of the Green Grass
  • Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star our Father Red Hand sends love and weekl(e)y prayers!
  • Rainbow Warriors and other Elders (hoop 2 and hoop 1)
  • Sharing prayers with each other over concerns
28. Much more about Evolution changes and preparation
29. Answers to all (ALL) questions! (uniting to center, oyate, seed)

This list was inspired by Holiness David. January 2011. We await the return of relatives!
Beloved Relatives entering the Hoops  
(Hoop 4 listening, gathering),

Welcome into the Hoops with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy. Yes, I can see you have been seeking for knowledge and this is why you are here.  Each have a gift and is considered a perfect treasure. This is called the reflection of the rainbow colors or your inner light, the soul and spirit of you, a book of life. For each of us have four sacred directions in Rainbow Colors which shine both inwardly and outwardly. 

To enter our hoops, one must gift a small prayer. This is the coveted bow of the Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy. Prayers teach us to distinguish the spiritual soul that is impure (walking dead or demon freedom) or spiritual soul that is pure (walking alive or free of demons). The reality of it is, we each live in light space (earth, light, red, fire, male, linear wave, thinking) and dark space (heaven, dark, blue, water, female, sonic wave -circle, heart). And in order to live in sanctuary space, one must cleanse our lives of demons, whether it's lightness (Luminous) or darkness (Numinous). This is only a case of clean or dirty, just like a house, but this a spiritual house (holy temple of self, with four rainbow colors), or darkness of our inner world and where our soul lives. We are learning to look at darkness as heaven rather than evil. And we must understand all belongs to heaven, good and bad.  It's love that turns all things, including lessons into treasures.

We are just realizing the blue road of heaven, as our souls are awakening (talking, vision, sea).  This blue road is crossing and uniting with the red road of earth our flesh, walking dream (sight, see). This unity is the yellow road (blue cross the red roads), where dreams come true and we become walking talking (wakan tankan, great spirit, I am, sun dancer, a light from within). Now, when we gift prayer to someone, we bow with humility, giving a gift first in one's request.  If one gifts the prayer in return, then the other is bowing with humility, in return. Two half rainbows (bowing with sacred prayer), make the eternal circle, where light and dark are united in blissful realization.

We bless the sacred nine directions in our world: in and out, up and down, here/spiraling towards center/standing up, north and south, east and west.  Nine directions with nine numbers of creation (mathematical perfection).  Zero is the flowing, and we call this the Wind. We bless with fire to clean the light. We bless with water to clean the dark. Fire and Water gift us paradise, the embrace of clouds and winds, this is represented in the pipe (smoke/clouds), the circle of life. 

You must forgive those who did not know how to gift the prayer and to become the humble rainbow, in order for you to be able to share with others and for you to gift your true heart, the very soul you are seeking to know. (recent post shares the warrior stand) http://rainbowwarriorsofprophecy.blogspot.com/2011/01/warriors-stand-up-wolves-rainbow.html
When in the HOOPS, one learns to find out about Rainbow Colors. You start by asking and getting on the list. Then be patient as I am the only crystal person (white animal prophecy predicting many of us, stars or united four directions returning home, including many crystal persons who are already here) who can do this for you. 
We each carry a book of life and is read just like the book on the table, whether it be light or dark space.  I seek other crystal persons to share their own power with you, as book of life reader.  And in the future, the Jewish people, ordained eastern show will train other crystal persons with the "Mathematical Perfection". 

For now, the Rainbow Warriors call for our return, White Buffalo Calf Woman (*crown of heaven, crystal person) and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star (crown of earth, lavender person), who arise to the march of the "the great migration towards the dawning" with "Pure Hearted Fierce Warriors" (Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy). These warriors know their power within their souls and stand up with this knowledge (heavenly wisdom in the wind) embracing all as relatives, using one law, love. Thereby allowing and sharing true brotherhood and feeling the embrace of sisterhood. 

*Crown of heaven, all crystal persons wear a crown, the only rainbow color that carries this attribute. And only indigo persons can see this truth by actually describing the crown. Not all lavender or red persons wear the crown, there are also red or lavender overlays who are prince/ss.  Those crowned belong to the people and not to themselves and to be cherished by their local clan as a treasure and measure to their society.  Those who do not wear the crown are considered older souls. Only indigo persons, the true prophets can see, really see with their eyes open into dark spiritual space of heaven, while in light space.  They are the only rainbow color that have this ability to prophesize, by following rainbow colors of light, but not into darkness. Crystal persons are the only color that can speak truth by reading darkness without their eyes. They read the book of life in everyone correctly, while the rest of the rainbow clan interprets the reflection (feelings), however with evolution's spiraling actions more and more are gaining this ability of reading the book of life known as your heart and soul. What is unseen will be seen and only what is pure in heart, united body to soul, will one know how to behave in the changing environment of man.

Holiness David and I come as House of the Beloved (Star of David, eastern shore) and Lakota-stand up, Dakota-wind, Nakota-embrace (Spirit of the Lake, western shore).  We represent the folding of light and darkness together. We belong to you*, the four directions where the winds blow (rainbow colors, the walls of your physical world). And throughout the second phase of evolution, light was separated from darkness, our heavenly soul did hide within. Now we enter the third phase, the yellow rolling hill in time, which means, light and dark, will be sharing the same space. This happens, because we fold and blossom, natural to the universe.  We are learning to shine, from without in the physical world as well as shining from within from the inner spiritual world.  We must emerge triumphant for seeds of tomorrow to thrive. It is the house of "the beloved children" who are Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy.  These Warriors true of heart belong to One clan, the Rainbow Clan.  We are ONEness.

*We invite you to pray on this knowledge. All truth lies in the wind.  And if you bless before prayer, you will feel free to hear with your heart. The house of the beloved (alightfromwithin.org), belong to the children of the world, who are looking to come home towards the "Dawning", the third phase of evolution, which lies before us as prophesied.

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy share their hearts, to teach their own communities how to walk with ONE law, the Law of LOVE, on the RED ROAD.  This means, we understand the blue road first (hoop 4 listening, 3 networking), our heavenly soul is greatness. Then learn the red road second (hoop 4 listening, 3 networking) to radiate pure hearts, by embracing others.  Then we unite into the yellow road (warrior training, hoop 2) where we learn to shine "a light from within", what the Great Spirits in Heaven and the Oneness of all life, walk and talk living dreams, tell us to become, "I am a Sun Dance".  

This is the period of time we enter 2013, the "Dawning", where light and dark will fold and unite into on common space.We no longer will have separation from the spiritual world of heaven. We are getting ready and preparing to learn new skills of sensory perception, trusting one another. Heavenly dark space, the soul within you is here to learn to become the "radiating pure heart" (protecting space and demanding love and knowing how) as elders/community leaders and Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy on the white road (hoop 1), the "star of heaven" is returning home. 

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy are the dream of what many call the Rainbow Clan. We each vibrate color.  Not an aura, which is an illumination (outward reflection/emanation, not truth, but together on linear line, for that's the way color moves).  If you use light to see with, it radiates outwards from the source.   The inward darkness or unseen, is where light begins, either with a wick, mantle, bulb and/or other energy source. This inner light, is the Sun Dance, a light from within (truth, take your place, soul's calling).  This is where the soul envisions and seeks out to find self as the seed of life and all grows outwards.  

When you put the actions of your rainbow colors (physical form and fire's light) united with the embrace of the spiritual soul (spiritual form and water's dark), and both are coexisting in harmony (waves to and fro) then one knows joy. In more simple terms, "One does what one says!"

We all feel true knowledge is gifted from heaven, from within, and here where the winds blow, we learn from each other.  Sharing is what we are learning to do.  We grow to understand that our hearts and our feelings need be a tool we trust and depend on. And to grow wise, one must only share.  We think each is great and perfect, no matter what color of the rainbow, regardless of what religion, or what color of your skin, all are considered an image of Greatness and Perfection in the eyes of the Oneness of Creation and Destruction. 

By cleansing your space, with fire and water blessings, you are able to control a sanctuary area. You keep it clean, by demanding others do the same, whether it be a spirit in the wind or a person walking through the door. http://www.whitebuffalocalfwoman.org/blessingsandprayers/creatingsacredspace/walkabout
Bless hourly with a simple line, "I bless the sacred nine directions".  Bless with fire at least 4-8 times a day (depending on what color you are), or when you feel it's necessary. Bless with water constantly, whenever you see/sea it.

We tend to be good at using water to bless (cleanse our bodies), when we remember each time we touch or become one with it, as water cleans the light or physical world (red road).  But we are not so good at using fire to bless with, and fire cleans the dark or the spiritual world (blue road). We are taught about blessing with fire, but we tend to overlook it, because it's about evolution and merging between two realms are simply colliding together as one space. What was over there, now becomes shared. Realms must become each other, folding together. And this is why we must trust our feelings, our wisdom of heavenly song.  When we are in light, the physical world, we use water to survive.  But heaven is coming, the spiritual world, we must use fire to survive. It's spiritual fitness.  Some walk in or on fire. Some know the pipe. Some know incense. Some use the sun.  But what ever form of fire is used, it's to be safe and spiritually cleansing at all times (sanctuary space), as the world teaches us, the phoenix or fire bird, from the ashes, rebirth of the pure of heart is in the flight of the soul.  

There are four colors/directions, blue/black mother nation, red twin child nation, yellow child nation and white father nation. Each have a place, each has greatness, each must participate in order for unity to be known. Rainbow colors are not listed, but gifted to those who ask and receive (exchange prayers). 

We welcome you onto the path of Oneness, where law of love is the only law, we gift.  And I will show you, this perfection which lies in you. The crystal person, like me will show you, literally the way you behave, by becoming you.  Pure of heart will walk and talk with me.  But we must remember about heaven, it's darkness and it's pure or it's impure, just like light. However, the impure is a lesson in conflict and the pure of heart, know how to turn lessons into treasures. The very gifts of heavenly knowledge.  We walk towards the broken heart. And when your heart is broken by what I say, remember, I am your loving Twin Deer Mother, who will chide you towards your great soul within you. Just reflect and keep trying to enter (ascend/descend/the door swings both ways) the door of heaven, the crystal person displays. And hopefully other rainbow warriors will help you along this path, when you just don't understand my blast. But we are hear/here to last, with love on our hearts and a vision to endure. We are Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, who share.

Each rainbow color has greatness and are considered tools of light (earthly name). Your heavenly mission is written in your heavenly name.  And we will be sharing more about our "Great Names" we all carry, the mission for our lives.  But to live up to and recognize your greatness, this is the seeker on the path to realization.  We welcome you home.  And look forwards to your sharing and questions.

Help others along the way, when you can say something, do. Because we need trust our hearts.  We need trust each other. We need relatives of the Rainbow Clan, the children of the beloved (oneness) and Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy.  Each of us are the image of our Great Spirits in the Sky, now we must understand our own greatness and realize.

Thank you for coming into our hearts. We look forwards to sharing. There are many transferring from many other groups, to our united fourth hoop, rainbow-warriors-of-prophecy. If you have not been transferred yet (yahoo groups indigo crystal), you will be very soon, those on the hoops).  Thank you for your patience and understanding this time of transition for all of us (2010-2011).  We are eternally on the hoops.

We bless the sacred nine directions in the blue (all is of heaven), the heart of me and you!

your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, 
elder crystal person, wakan iyes(h)ka or holy interpreter, 
alightfromwithin.org Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, 
Hoops Information: iamasundance.info

Ps.  Sometimes you just need a hug, we have many Grandmothers or gray persons, but it's our beloved "Grandmother Comfort in the Wind", who welcomes you into the hoops. You can rely on her for embracing love. And if you just need protection, ask for Holiness David Running Eagle who can send love, in a moment in time. Call in the wind, I will hear.  He will fold us together and cleanse your space. The Eagle is sacred, representing the garden of rainbow colors, where the spiritual fire of purification saves the day. He will send bountiful love towards your hearts. Vision journeys and songs, will come from me and other Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy who are practicing the Songs of Heaven as we sing. You need a Sacred Song Blessing, then ask and I am sure to get it up quickly for all to impart, the perfect wisdom from a perfect heart. We all need an embrace, now it's time to reach out and touch someone, who will come when you are in need of this taste, the embrace of a relative who loves all space!

This letter was inspired by Catherine H.F. January 2011 Hoop 4 Bowing, Listening and Gathering

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