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Hoop Meaning

Sioux Buffalo Horn Cup

A gift given for guests to fill their cups over floweth.  Water shares the bond. The buffalo horn is the representative of the sacred bow. When one pierces another heart with love and devotion with caring actions, one shares. We bow in gift giving to show we are relatives who need each other and will strive to become true blue in times of need.

The bow pierces one's heart with love, but at times of opposition of broken hearts, the horn is a fierce weapon that will seriously wound an opponent.  It is not in th nature of a bison or buffalo to attack, but the nature to receive love and overflow with a loving heart. Our cup runneth to your shore, the heart that is near, my relative.

The Lakota word "Mitakuye Oyasin" means "All my Relatives", because we are related in space, grandmothers embrace of the darkness of heaven. Just like the earth is contained in heavenly darkness, man too is embraced by this spiritual darkness. Now in time, we realize, that sacred blessings allow us to return from the impure darkness of evil to the pureness of the heart, to be able to call all our Relatives on the circle of life. Brotherhood, make us Man, we do Stand, together as "trees of life" in a forest.

Welcome into our hearts. Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy who bow to the hoops, relatives who we are related. Stars children of heaven, loyal and true to me and you, relatives on the hoops!

"Pilamayo", Lakota greeting and salutation meaning: in Love and Rainbow Colors (luminous and numinous). True heavenly song meaning: "Traveling over the roads, we find and greet the heart, to know the spirit longs not to be apart, and that's where I long to be with you and me, come let's dance, and fly to eternity", sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother


from    JLG <jlg@.com>

to    WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman@gmail.com
date    Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 1:35 PM
subject    hello :)

    Good afternoon :)

    My name is J L.  I have been asking to meet my teachers a lot lately. I am a young woman from Toronto Canada. I am on a journey with a good friend right now. We are traveling the world with a camera and a hula hoop as a tool to barter for survival. We want to travel and stay with locals around the world to capture this old knowledge and share it through the Internet so that anyone and everyone can be part of our journey through this web series we are creating. I am so excited right now and want to inspire and be inspired by people who are choosing to use their imaginations and dream. I don't know how but I stumbled on to your website and was drawn in. I asked and then was on your site a day later and wondering if its a sign :). I would love to talk to you more and I figured I would send an email to say hello.

    Hope you are great sending love and light

to    JLG <jlg@.com>,
Hoop 4 <rainbow-warriors-of-prophecy@googlegroups.com>
date    Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 7:19 PM
subject    Re: hello :)

Beloved J L,

Who are you writing to?  You did not address anyone.  And who are your teachers you are asking to meet with?

Many people from around the world come to me to address their own needs. If you are interested in becoming your greatness and part of the whole of Oneness, then you need to seek. But if you are not addressing me by my name, then you are not asking me anything or showing respect.  The hoop is here to show how the universe collides are rippling waves that intersect.  When you don't speak to the relationship/related space around you, then you are in a river that flows, not knowing where to go, like a leaf in an oceans snore. But when you rise up to the shore, meet your brothers door, walked into their heart and show respect with the bow, you find relatives of heaven, an open door into a heart is true love. Those who take advantage, by not showing respect by their lack of humility and inability to bow, outright show the outlaw.  This renegade seeks to be god (micro), rather than part of God (macro). The greater good is the most powerful to any clan, house or ripple in time, for law of love is always bonded to the red road, the fire of the cleansed heart.

When you respect the hoops, you are relatives to your space of intersecting pathways. You bow.  This is the humble bow of the rainbow and two rainbows that unite become the sacred circle of life, the hoop.  Each of us carry this bow, when we show humility. Respect is trusting others first, because we forgave.  Respect says, I am a servant for you, as part of the whole.  You are my relative and my related space needs me to survive. When you separate, walk away, not show respect or bow, the law of love is broken, trust does not exist. As a baby born, we must learn trust, or we die, before food and water or anything else, we must learn trust or love.

If you are not willing to bow and show humility with a mere name. How do you think you can bow when you get into my presence? It's the law of love, the red road. Bowing is the way of spiritual health and fitness. Moving in dark space of heaven and transforming lessons into treasures we walk towards and the Hoops of the Universe, teach up how to do this; walking towards the heart of others, rather than walking away. The fight is about uniting broken hearts, law of love, the bow. Not about who is right or wrong or mere intelligence.  Each are part of the whole and each have a right to speak their heart.  And only warriors who are willing to bow, allow others to speak their hearts, while those unwilling to bow, do not allow others to be part of the Oneness or relative field in space.

Hoops manifest relationships. The LAW is LOVE, this is what the RED ROAD means.  Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy know their rainbow colors, walk towards, show respect and allow others to speak their hearts.  But those who break this law, do not belong to the hoops, nor relatives to heavenly warriors, who serve and bow to Heaven, Great Mother and Great Father spirits who guide us both in light and darkness. It's our turn to be filial children, by showing respect. It's evolution and it's the meaning of the hoops.

One more thing, don't take advantage of my children, red people around the world, by thinking you can take and not give. You give when you enter a space first. You serve first. You bow first. Join the Great Give-A-Way first. Then, they will take care of you. But if you don't know the full meaning of the hoops, then you will show great disrespect to the Oneness of God and to me, White Buffalo Calf Woman who sings for the world and brings law and order to the four rolling hills in time. Heaven and Earth only come with true love and happiness. It's time for evolution and time to enter, down into the valley we go, to where our hearts do know, we share our space, for human grace to bow and grow our yield, for all to share and feel safe.

Now, can you walk towards my heart?  Can you bow and show respect by addressing me by my name?  What is your true question you seek on your path?  For I am here to serve the whole of the Rainbow Clan, the four directions of man.

your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal person, wakan iyes(h)ka or holy interpreter
alightfromwithin.org Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Hoops Information iamasundance.info

ps. By the way, I was just looking up hoops and found that the hula hoop has a great passion in the world. For love is the reason we have waves of sound, our heart, our voices the bow of time, we call the hoops (spiritual embrace). We are the story tellers from the stars, all rainbow children of this land.

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 12:27 PM, J L G <jlg@.com> wrote:

    Dear White Buffalo Calf Woman,

    Thank you very much for taking the time to return my email. I would like to apologize for showing any kind of disrespect. I bow to you and want to show respect and if that means learning these lessons and having a better understanding before approaching then I will take this as the lesson before seeking without a certain direction. I have grown up in a very fast paced disconnected environment but have always felt deep within my heart that there was something i had to do, something I could stand for. Ive always been a little out of place even though deep in my heart I know that my intention is love. I was searching for a beautiful photo of a rainbow on Google and when I clicked on it it brought me to your website. I begun to read and felt connected to your words. Out of excitement I emailed you but should have taken the time to relax and approach you in the right way. I am truly sorry for any disrespect I have shown. I would like to learn this respect and share it. I want to surrender to love, give and help in any way I can. This is the reason I have approached you and my ignorance was wrong and I am sorry White Buffalo Calf Woman. Thank you for teaching me this I can walk towards your heart and my true question I seek on my path is how can i begin to improve myself and prepare myself to walk towards truth and light and love?

    I bow to you and want to thank you for even this email have taught me a huge lesson.

    J L

A Dream Can Come True
J L Inspired Song

Image: From Within Darkness A Light is Born, A Light From Within!

It's time for us to learn our way home to begin a new start. Heaven above, come into my heart. Heaven above hear my name. I want to share a heart if I dare, to begin to lower my shame, I'm coming to home to gain.

Roses (trust) above come down into my heart, I am prepared to make my start. I leave you to know you (separate and divide into rainbow colors), to prepare our true hearts. It's time for heaven to start. Come glory fill in sunshine. Come glory fill my name. I am coming home to heaven, right here I stand to gain. And paradise await me, for I got a human face, I radiate true love and I find a heart of gold.

Tell me forever. Tell me your name. I am going to be where there is no shame. I going to be with brothers and sisters who know my name. I will be standing with a heart that isn't lame. And I tell you truly I tell you my name. I tell you I'm going to where I will gain. Heaven upon me, down where I roam. I am going to heaven on earth in a storm.

Can we walk without judgment? Can we know their names (heavenly names). Can we share our hearts (forever), without any shame? There comes a day of glory, when have (abundance for all) does arrive and I say, it's spring time for all who realize.

Here I stand to make a man (rainbow colors), to bring a heart to love. We carry through in all we do, where heaven comes from above. It's time for us to make a mark, to make amends for our hate. To bring it out, to show us stout (strength to purify my life), oh heaven it's my way. I'm going to where I will play.

There is a place that is within me. I know it's where I'm going (free) home. And my soul remembering how to bring in simmering to know of love that leaps to you, to bring you closer to me. I know it's heaven in thee.

Time is coming sharing our hearts with love on our knees (prayer), because we do bow (rainbow clouds), to understand and know, the place I always know, heaven come into my toes (wakan tanka or walking talking greatness as a Great Spirit, image of "I am"). Feel the warm (fire's inner light) that guides me. Know where I do flow. There is a heart where all can do their start (on heaven's blue road). I go to heaven, to bring it on home.

It is long to bring us this day, the somber of longing that we do display.

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings

Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!

Beloved J L,
Thank you very much for taking the time to return my email too. Apology received. I bow down to you too. Now we can talk heart to heart.

When I received your message my heart was full. It was a wonderful day, Wednesday and I shared it's glory with those I could. There is much to share with the world.

You said, "Thank you for teaching me this I can walk towards your heart"

Welcome into my heart. You are the path of the seeker (vision quest). Seeking takes light, our rainbow colors to make this journey (red road, light, earth). Our souls direct us which way to go (blue road, dark, heaven). We all get lessons (heaven's sorrow filled tears that feed the world), but those who receive, allow, walk towards, use the path of love and the heart (heaven's joy filled tears that feed the world). You are on your way home. Each lesson comes from heaven and each time you walk towards the lesson (rock in the river) with love, it becomes the ultimate treasure (diamond or crystal on the shore), "knowledge, through wisdom rather than through intelligence". 

WE are treasures to each other. And my heart overfloweth with love, when I received your bow. True love shows respect, kindness and gratitude, in which you showed. We are relative in space and time and it's evolution that is upon us all. We are learning to fold together or share space with one another. The bow teaches us the assistance needed in recognition of the eternal soul's family. Heaven is no longer another realm over there, but right here where we stand. This recognition is the greatest unity of love. We are welcomed into new shores or heart's lapping waves, to and fro, which gift (treasure) and receive (heaven), rather than give (lesson) and take (earth). The bow (rainbow) and prayer (springs of the heart) shows recognition to true relatives from heaven, true royal blue, rainbow warriors of prophecy.

You have brought to us great knowledge in your seeking of the hoops. We have shared with others, how love works. The hoops are made up of overlapping waves, like shores of our hearts. We have to realize that we will always walk and talk with love, forever and ever. Getting there, we need each other to bring us home. Oneness, let's offer pray on the phone (in the wind).

You said, "My true question I seek on my path is how can I begin to improve myself and prepare myself to walk towards truth and light and love?"

  • For those who don't understand, walking towards truth means being truthful all the time and speaking from our hearts.
  • Light excludes darkness, we say instead rainbow colors, because light is the earthly red road (law of love) and dark is heavenly blue road (law of Oneness). Another way to say it is inner light, which is manifested within darkness our heavenly souls.
  • Love is the exchange of gifts.  Exchange is the key word, bowing and respecting, gifts one to receive bowing and respect, or to and fro, like waves on the ocean floor (tides, tithing). 
There is so much to learn and we do have little time to share, especially when prophecy arises all around us. We must learn to be sacred. How to do this, is quite simple.
  • Purify and cleanse with fire and water routinely (the holy blessing).
  1. Fire Blessing cleansing our spiritual world: http://www.whitebuffalocalfwoman.org/blessingsandprayers/creatingsacredspace/walkabout
  2. Water is blessed each time you see it or near it or use it, cleansing our physical world. "I bless the water"
  • Minimally, do the hourly blessing of sacred space.
  1. "I bless the sacred nine directions" in and out, up and down, here I stand/all around, east and west, north and south.
  2. a temporary cleansing of the wind, spiritual flow of all we know
  3. Soul elders, especially dark colors know this is almost a continual process and are constantly blessings when they remember and when need arises.
  • Forgiveness blessing
  1. Write it on paper or any wood product, as it must represent the tree of life. 
  2. Tree of life has branches reaching to light and roots reaching to dark and the trunk bonds the two, with love.  Again, must be a tree product.
  3. Written need to forgive is burned with fire. This process needs be continual until forgiveness is known. It can sometimes take a year for some things. Just keep it up, to purify the spiritual world of heavenly darkness.
  4. http://www.whitebuffalocalfwoman.org/blessingsandprayers/creatingsacredspace/fireceremony

But learning to cleanse and walk and talk the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy ways, one must join the Hoops. For each rainbow color, has a power. This is why in evolution, many talk about indigo and crystal children, until I showed up on the scene. Because the writers and authorities and written data out there is not very clear. But they do recognize an evolutionary awareness upon our planet, it's just rainbow colors have always been here, we are just learning to perceive the rainbow colors. This is the writing in many people now. However the path to true knowledge of the rainbow colors, their powers and perfection, can only be shared from what I have written in the last year and a half.  So for you to learn about your rainbow colors, one must ask for a Sacred Song Blessing. This is a song from your heart, here I add your rainbow colors too. Further information, will have to be sustained by your continual questioning. I have answers, as I am the wakan iyes(h)ka or holy interpreter, but truly questions come when others bring them to me. We learn when we share.

Here is what you need do to start walking and talking with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy and to join the Hoops towards continual knowledge of self.

Image: http://dimpledwakeoftime.blogspot.com a crystal child with her song.

You Offer a prayer for Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
2. This gets you into the Hoops (hoop 4) to begin to listen, learn and share.
3. You Ask for a Sacred Song Blessing and Rainbow Colors to learn about your perfect heart. I will sing and others will assist with song, Holiness David Running Eagle on Drums and whomever is there with instruments at the time.
4. You Ask questions and share your stories, knowledge and dreams
One more thing, Pages on our domain above for you are available for hoop 3 members. You can share and I can help you promote the hoop journey. You know the Southwestern Natives did a hoop journey a while back, through four generations. It's the story of the stone.

We are going do lots of collaboration this year.  And many are returning home to the four directions that the hoops represent. Some of our musical/video collaborations, please visit iamasundance.org.  The hoops are about sharing stories, to get to the core of each other, our heavenly heart and soul within.

I know this may seem like lots of pages to go and learn about, but just take your time and look around. And to make it simple, to enter the Hoops with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, one must only offer a small prayer. And then you are on your way to knowing the perfection of your heart, mission on earth and rainbow colors.

From eastern horizon (houseofthebeloved, Star of David, returning rainbow, sunset) to western horizon (spiritofthelakepeople, Morning Star, birthing rainbow, sunrise) we come home to you. Hoops and the Stone river (crystalline stone river) part of the blue (heavenly road), star children returning home to you. http://www.whitebuffalocalfwoman.org/stone-river

your devoted servant,
Whit Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter
alightfromwithin.org Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
hoops music iamasundance.org

http://3758353597576976755-a-1802744773732722657-s-sites.googlegroups.com/site/hoopsrainbowwarriorsofprophecy/add-images/rainbow.jpg?attachauth=ANoY7cp0v33QpLON3cwuUe6hRUVXZQft3liongbus0Qxu9tSq2a9l2T_hTNHIzw0qtebZgrqo7VlvrZLqDCWTljxpDmwEJIuPqWCjQen7bB-0Y-ZeTi4OlGlARFVqu8ABpM0aX_QnwsZd_gteHMO7zK8xKOX5kgmaTC4v2MXx-6OrOxz1G8IFW5qfFr7Epaz9d9XO3V61yPBWbhVJyN21LjI5RpU4GNeHuQZrAiC481Md8sSzo1TMI8%3D&attredirects=0On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 10:56 PM, J L G <jlg@.com> wrote:

    Dear Buffalo Calf Woman,

    I am so grateful for the email and web page you have sent. The images and artwork is beautiful. I have been reading your response over the past couple days and I love the knowledge you are sharing.Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I would like to offer a prayer to the rainbow warriors of prophecy.

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy,

    Bless the rainbow warriors of prophecy, bless the 9 sacred directions in and out, up and down,  here i stand all around, east and west, north and south. Particles sparkle like summer rain, i stop to feel the terrain. Rooted deep into mothers earth flying high and far towards the stars. I send my blessings from culture to culture, land to sea, that all feel free to dream. To find the courage within our hearts to feel what its like to be a hero on a journey towards our dreams. That we awake from a sleep to a power within and bow to another to spin the hoop across the universe. Bless the fire, bless the water, bless the wind, bless the earth, bless the elders, we are grateful for what you share, bless the children, thank you for listening to the echoes that flow gracefully within the wind and ocean shores. That we will begin to see the beauty in our differences and learn from all for a scope much wider created with love.