Pray and Bow

What is a Prayer?

Prayer is known by someone who prays to God (Great Spirit Father, Great Spirit Mother, leaders of the Oneness or other religious leaders of man) for the soul of another to manifest devotion. This is a humble request to the Spiritual world or a humble gift to the Spiritual world.  A prayer is an earnest appeal for something or someone. This solemn request or
bequeathing shows respect and devotion to the Greater Good for any community we are related too. Prayer often springs to the heart, when the need is larger than Man can encounter. Standing up to request or gifting of a heart’s need, depends on us, learning to be humble, like a rainbow.  A rainbow bows, because rain appears. This allows light to be refracted and reflect rainbow colors (awe is known, like at sunrise/sunset). Just like a Rainbow shows us that tears in our hearts can offer devotion, so can rain deliver us to new growth. Spiritual growth begins, with prayer.  This sacred bow, stands up (demand blessings, to purify space) and falls down (humble to accord with blessings, to purify space). To demand/request/bequeath God be in
presence in my space and to gift this presence of holy grace upon others, also. To share and exchange blessings. Often the world does not understand true love, because we just tend to feel painful with guests or travelers who do not do their share when visiting. We just suffer for others, but still one feels heartbroken.  If one gave (bow of the
rainbow) and one received (bow of the rainbow), then a circle of life is known, and exchange flows (the river of life). This stream moving from one heart to another is the shared love, a blessing and recognition for/to others who share this practice. Prayer offers us a path, that lingers along the heart. When we share it with others, Love is felt.

"Within the sweet concordance of the heart" [White Buffalo Calf Woman]
[concordance: a state or condition of agreement or harmony]

"One single grateful thought raised to heaven is the most perfect prayer"
[G.E. Lessing Minna von Barnhelm]

The Latin Word for Prayer is Precari. Here are the references to Prayer; to precede, go before even surpass and excel to the exceedingly highest mark. Preconception to instruct, advise, warn, and anticipate. The public who heralds and proclaims (righteousness) and to anticipate beforehand, chiefly to be distinguished, special, extraordinary and most excellent.  The famous (true blue royal warrior, one for all and all for one) beautiful and striking. Prayer entreats and invokes a request to manifest devotion to parts of the whole of One(ness).  We call this
God (utterance) or the spirit in all things.

Here are some of the prayers from Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy who gave to each other.

1. Prayer of Thankfulness by Holiness David

Dear Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother,
We are thankful for your knowledge and guidance. We are thankful for life. We will try to be truthful and kind to one another. We send love to you with all our souls.  

2. From from Holiness David for Rainbow Mother Esta (for her gift).
Dear Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother,
We thank you for bringing Rainbow Mother Esta into our lives.  We pray that we can teach each other things of knowledge and wisdom through our friendship (helping one another) and share this loving knowledge and
wisdom with the world.


3. Prayer from Grandmother Comfort in the Wind and Cosmic Father Ed (with their gift)
My beloved White Buffalo Calf Woman and Holiness David, I pray that this (gift) will help with heat and food and other things you need.... our love and grace to you,
Golden Cosmic Father Ed and Grandmother Comfort in the Wind

4. Prayer for Faith by "Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star our Father Red Hand"
Dear Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother,
We are told to "Ask and we shall receive".  Please help us to have faith to remember to do this action.  Please keep giving us reminders.  When we are down remind us to pray and ask (bow).  Help us to keep aware when You (Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother) speak to us (in the winds during our prayers). Help us to understand what is given sow we can receive.  We give You our love (piety and devotion).  We give you our faith. We give You our love (heaven's grace, reverberation, repeat, echo of the spiritual embrace). We are grateful for your gifts. We pray together for this world and for each other. Your Beloved Children, the Rainbow Clan!

5. Prayer for Relatives by "Wishing Well That Comes True our Waves of Time"
Dear Relatives,
My heart sings for the community gathering, for the leaders awakening, for the hearts doing the same. For our eyes believing, what heaven has in its name.

It may have taken some time, but let us hold hands in gentleness. I see the clear horizon rising...soon now straight ahead. Come, let us rise to our greatness.

Rainbow blessings,
Wishing Well That Comes True, your Waves of Time

5. Prayer "Dear Relatives, I offer a prayer" from the Heart of Claire!

O Great Spirit, that flies on the wind and carries us in your arms, we offer our prayers to alleviate the suffering of mankind and to bring light to hearts where it is needed most. We pray that those who live in fear, ignorance, and pain look to the skies and find comfort in the wonder of their very creation. We raise our voices in gratitude for this experience of being human and pray to be perfect instruments of light and love in this world. We pray that you allow us to lift the light in our hearts into one pure rainbow of love so that all open hearts may return to your embrace. For the good of all, we pray to be open to your guidance in small moments, where a hair's breadth can change our minds; in these moments, we pray that you enter our hearts and guide us to right action. We pray that the road of love be open to us that we may walk hand in hand, in love, to a glorious new day.

I bless the animals, I bless the children, I bless the timid.
I bless the injured, I bless the struggle.
I bless myself, I bless those who have harmed me, I pray for their peace.
I bless the Earth, I bless fire, I bless water.
I bless the Warriors of Light, I bless the sacred nine directions.

Thank you for receiving my prayer, relatives!
Blessed be,

Form of a Prayer

Salutation: Beloved/Dear/Great Spirit/Heaven/Universe/Oneness 
Name: Relatives, Great Spirit, Father Sky, Mother Earth, God, Allah or any form you feel comfortable (remember you are trying to bless the one who is receiving your prayer, to speak to a higher power, or simply to release it to the wind).
Purpose: I ask for/I gift for/I pray for
Signed: Your name/in accord with/embraced by/for whom/from whom/salutation

Dear Universe,
Thank you for showing me the way to the Hoops. Please help those who wish to come towards us but find it difficult to take that first step in offering a prayer. I pray that they find the words to express their heart. May the bond continue to strengthen as all Relatives come together.

xxx Rainbow Mother Esta, (rainbow, green, violet, grey), Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Relatives Whom Come to Gather Within Us on the Hoops,

To enter the Hoops, one must offer the prayer, bow like the rainbow and become like the wind. This means you must be humble enough to offer a blessing.  Many people around the world are having trouble understanding the common prayer.

To enter the hoops here is a prayer you can copy and paste or you can make your own, however be sure to offer a prayer for Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
, relatives of the Rainbow Colors we all belong to.

Copy and Paste
or type this if you need or write your own prayer for Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy and email it to to enter the Hoop 4, Listening.  Thank you and Bless You! White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother

Beloved Oneness,
Bless the sacred nine directions
* for the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy. I bow in humble gratitude with my relatives, I come to know.  Thank you. 
Salutation and Sign your name

*Up and down, in and out, Here I stand/all around, west, east, north and south. These are 1-9 directions.  Zero (0) is a place holder (river banks/container) or the stream (water/wind flowing) of the Oneness we all do flow into. This position in the Rainbow Colors is the Green person.  Those with Green are spiritual leaders, because this is the reflective crystal.  Instead of separating light, like a crystal (or person), Green brings all separated light (numinous and luminous) together as One River. Welcome to the Rainbow, where each of us carry four rainbow colors and express this in our lives. Nine directions are the flowing directions that our spiritual river can take upon our wings, with the soul that flies in the winds. It's time to feel your heart, for this is the way of heavenly knowledge.

Hoop Relatives offer their prayers for Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Grandmother Comfort in the Wind's prayer for Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
For all the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy.. with love.
Beloved Mother Earth and Heavenly Father...
We have forgotten that you have birthed us to be great.  We have forgotten who we are and where we came from.  Please awaken our hearts and minds to remember our rainbow glory that is already written in our books of life.  I pray and bow to you my Beloved that you would help us to receive the truth of ourselves and of you, and that FAITH would arise within us to believe what has been written within.  I pray for each of my warriors true, Grandmother(s) knows each one.  They have wonders within that they need to see and to know that each one is perfect and lovely.  I pray for their eyes to be opened to see their own Godness and that of all the relatives.  Let us be family again and forgive each other for having harmed and having misunderstood, and help us to stand straight and tall and bless and give and love one and all.  I love you and thank you for your love that never fails us.  Thank you that you always know us and remember us and have sent us our guardians and our teachers and our blessed elders to help, protect and guide us to our heavenly heart.  Thank you for White Buffalo Calf Woman and Holiness David and all the elders that suffer for us for loves sake and will not give up.  Give us a heart that is so great my Beloved that even when we are our weakest, we will never give up either.  I bless you my mother, my father, my greatly beloved and receive all your blessings in return with a grateful heart.  Bless us all every one, and let us become a true blessing to all of creation.

I bless the sacred nine directions and send you my love in the breeze... 
your Grandmother Comfort in the Wind, Sunshine Glory Shines

Running Deer's prayer for Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Great Spirits,
I bless the sacred nine directions, I bless heaven, I bless earth. I bless the mothers, that they learn to stand up and love themselves so that they can love their men and children. I bless the fathers that they will find their heaven so that they may love their women and children. I bless that together they will create Love for their children to grow in. I bless the children that they will be loved and inherit a better world than was handed to us. I bless the Rainbow warriors, let us lead the way, let us take back our Motherlands and care for her, where ever you may be, the land and the people, let us care for them. This will be the land our children and grandchildren will one day raise their families, I bless the land, The trees, the flowers, the bees, all the creatures great and small, on land or in the sea. I bless the Water, I bless the Sky, I bless All of Creation, I bless the Creator, I bless Love. Thank you for all you give us, every lesson can become a treasure, Thank you God.

I bless the Sacred Nine Directions, I bless myself, I bless Heaven, I bless the world, I bless you all. Aho, may your spirit fly!

Running Deer, your Magic Heart of Belief

Grandfather Holy Spirit's prayer for Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy,
Do you feel your breath? My dearest rainbow warrior of prophecy come with me, sail with me on your breath into the rainbow and its colors.  Take your place where you are needed i pray for you with all my heart that you can feel the love that you can stay in your talk and walk it.  There is this infinite love you will feel covered into.  There is this infinite love you get your healing on body mind and soul so that your soul can take over and you sail on your breath with me whenever there are tears in your eyes because of whatever.  Know there is the rainbow showing up the same time within your eyes and you are blessed by all that is. 

Wherever we walk, however we walk, our hearts are open, our passion is compassion, always know you are loved beyond any knowledge.  It is the deepest inner knowing.  It is your breath and mine that connects us all and all the directions where we come from where we walk to when we meet on the rainbow.

Grandfather Holy Spirit the perfect storm sailing on the breath the oceans of life
blessing the nine directions in you and me

White Buffalo Calf Woman's prayer for Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Heaven and Earth,
Guide Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, to know upon their heart.  Heaven and Earth, help them to stand up towards the rising sun, walking with love for oneness.

And Great Spirits hold them near your heart, when they falter.  And pick them up when they fall. And beyond all to remember, the Soul is Greatness, you show us all.

Thank you for your love, I bless the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, in all their works and all they share with the world. I bow to you, the heavenly view, may I shine to bring it to you. Upon this
world, where we walk each day, I hold my hands to pray.

[Ameen (flight, red, colors) /Amen (voice, blue, sonic)]

Your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother

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